Section 4 - Strategy and Tactics

Now that I've covered all the basics, it's time to use what we've learned to best the game.

The beginning

This part sucks, so we'll try to pass it as quickly as possible. When you start, stay at the bottom most platform and in the middle.  Keep waiting until Eyebats finally appear and start approaching you. Now, you need to dodge everything for as long as possible (Do NOT kill anything or pick up any coins at this time) until a WOAH Block appears. Once it appears, pick it up and survive for as long as you can. You will die eventually. When you're down to your last life, throw the WOAH Block and jump into the lava. 

You get a Game Over, but the coins will remain where they are, and when you start your new game, you can seamlessly pick them up. You can usually get around 50-60 coins using this most of the time. It's possible to get over 100 coins through this method.

The mid-game

Honestly, there's not really much to say about this phase. Just keep increasing your score until you enter the last phase (Over 120 coins).

The end-game

I use what I call a divide-and-conquer strategy. There are 4 platforms you absolutely must protect to have an easier time. I basically just keep moving and picking up any objects on the 4 platforms and jump-throwing them to the opposite side.  You'll be relatively safe from all the enemies until they turn into Eyebats, but they move really slow, so they aren't really a threat.

UFOs will show up from time to time to hinder your progress, but just continue picking up and throwing objects, preferably at the UFOs. Of note is that when a UFO appears, touching it won't kill you until it finishes reaching its destination. After that, it's fatal to the touch. Most of the time, the UFO's hitbox will just be slightly above the topmost platform. In other words, you should be able to stand directly under the UFO and not die as long as you don't jump.

When a WOAH Block appears, it's in your best interest to pick it up and stay at a corner until an enemy approaches, then throw it.

Also, do not hold an object for too long. After 300 coins, I almost always throw any object I grab immediately unless it's a WOAH Block. Eggs that spawn on the bottom platforms should be thrown into the lava to play it safe.

Putting it all together

Here's a video where I use all these strategies. Skip to 8:50 for the end-phase.

All right! You're probably on this page because you want to know the trick to defeating Woah Dave!, eh?

Section 1 - The Objects and Enemies

(Official Names courtesy of Steam Trading Cards)


1. Egg

You can pick these up and throw them. After some time, they will hatch into a Green Alien.

2. Skull

You can also pick this object up and throw it, but after a few seconds, it will blow up and destroy any enemies (as well as you) caught in the blast. It will not destroy other skulls

3. WOAH Block

The landing of this item is preceded by a sound byte of the title. Destroys all enemies on the screen when thrown. Pick it up once you see it spawn.

4. Coins

Enemies/Objects drop these when they die/are destroyed. Collect them to increase your score. The objective is to collect as many as possible before you lose all your lives.


1. Green Alien

The most basic enemy. These hatch from eggs if the eggs are left alone long enough. When hatched, the alien will slowly move in one direction until it hits a wall, in which case, it turns and walks the opposite direction. It keeps doing this until it hits the lava, which turns it into the Lava Monster.

2. Lava Monster

This is the result of a Green Alien falling into the lava. It jumps to the top of the arena and will move very quickly. Other than that, it behaves the same as the Green Alien. Evolves into Pants Jumper once it hits the lava.

3. Pants Jumper

The most dangerous regular enemy. Its walking pattern is the same as the previous two enemies. It's slightly faster than the Green Alien but slower than the Lava Monster. What makes it so dangerous is the fact that it will randomly do a high jump at some point during its walking pattern. Avoid being directly above it, or you'll be sorry.

4. Eyebat

These flying units will very slowly pursue you. They're not a big threat by themselves, but it can be hard to dodge them if the arena is filled with a lot of enemies. They do not evolve.

5. UFO

Around the $1.00 mark (or immediately when playing Bonkers Mode), these things will show up. They stay at the top of the level and will move left or right to a random spot and fire a laser straight down. This laser will kill anything it hits, even skull bombs. It takes two hits to destroy one of them, but an exploding skull bomb can take them out instantly.

Deluxe Mode Exclusive enemies

6. Black Alien

Hatches from a black egg. A very fast moving alien that blows up if it reaches the lava. Gives 20+ coins when killed before it suicides.

7. Orange UFO

Like a UFO, except once you destroy it, you can ride it and fire lasers on enemies below. Will self-destruct after a while.

8. Mothership

A boss that appears after every 200 coins. No eggs/skulls/WOAH Blocks fall down when it's present. Will move to a random spot, then fire 3 lasers downwards, occasionally stopping to release eggs/skulls. Throw them back at it until it's defeated.

Section 3 - Useful Maneuvers

Now we can finally talk about some moves that will prove useful throughout each game. 

Mid-air jump - When you walk off a ledge, you can jump once. Does not work if you jump down.

Platform jump - When you jump from a lower platform to a higher one above, you'll stick to the platform, not go above it unlike most platforming games. 

Jump throw - Pressing the jump button, then the throw button immediately after allows you to throw objects really far.

Float - Hold X while jumping and you'll stay in the air for a little while longer than if you weren't holding X.

Death and coins - All coins currently on the screen will remain even after you die.

A lot of people think this game is rather mindless and very luck-driven. This couldn't be further from the truth. If it were really that luck-driven, then how am I able to get well over 1000 coins fairly consistently? The first step to conquering any game, especially one like this, is to know the basics. First, we'll need to go over all the enemies in the game and how they behave. Having this fundamental knowledge is crucial if you want to ever get the gold.

Section 2 - Game Flow

This section will discuss the game modes and the various phases/transitions in every game. Bonkers Mode is automatically set to the last phase, so this only discusses the phases of Normal Mode.

Normal Mode

1st phase - The Slow Phase

Starts off slow and easy. Stuff slowly drops, and the bottom platform is slowly being eaten away.

2nd phase - The Transition Phase

The sky becomes blue, the music changes, stuff drops a little faster. UFOs will start approaching once you're near the end of this phase.

3rd phase - The Real Game

The sky becomes night. UFOs show up left and right to ruin your day. Objects fall periodically, about 2-3 every second