Typos of the Month


I tend to notice typos easily. I've seen a lot of them during my time as a gamer, but I usually forget them in a few days. In this section, I will post a typo I encounter during my adventures for the month, to preserve it for hilarity purposes, and as a reminder that nobody's perfect

October 2015

Source: Disgaea 5 Trophy List

Comment: Fun fact - Bit = 0 or 1, Char = 8 bits, Nibble = 4 bits, Byte = 8 bits, Word = a power of 2 (varies with computer processor)


Source: PSN Store

Comment: DISAGEA 5?? Where can I get that, plip?

November 2015

(Two typos in one picture!)
Source: Dragon Fin Soup Trophy List ​

Comment: It seems whoever wrote the trophy descriptions for this game likes Advent season and Persona 4 Arena's Labrys.

​December 2015
Source: Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars Tutorial

Comment: Matywhatka?

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