Gosh, it's been a while since I've updated. I'm not abandoning this site any time soon, so no need to worry. What happened, you say? Lots of stuff. Just a few examples:

- Real life obligations, late night meetings, and such.

- Got involved with boosting a game earlier than expected.

- Bought more games, increasing my backlog and knocking off a few things from my wishlist.

- Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, etc

- I did follow through with my plan to stream and platinum Disgaea 5 in one weekend. It went better than expected, with a total play time under 24 hours from starting the game to earning the platinum. 

A lot of my time last month was spent playing Disgaea 5, working on refining my Platinum route, making videos, and preparing for the superbosses. Just when you think you have it mostly figured out, you learn something new which causes you to do a lot of revisions. It's definitely one of the things I love about the series. As far as actual updates go, I've heavily revamped the Disgaea 5 Platinum Route to make it more presentable and include the stuff I found since the last update. I also added a section with the song lyrics for a couple of the Disgaea 5 songs. This month is going to be a lot easier on me for updating because of the lack of new releases that interest me. I do intend on writing something up for Dragon Fin Soup at some point (the platinum is still unobtainable as of this writing), but for now, expect more stuff about Disgaea 5 to pop up soon.


I've been sidetracked by this month's PS+ game: Dragon Fin Soup, hence the lack of updates. At this point, I can pretty much confirm at least two trophies are not unlocking properly. I have played the game long enough that I can write up a walkthrough and tips guide for it, so look forward to that section coming up soon! There is still one trophy I have a theory on how to unlock, but other than that, it's evident that there's not much else I can do besides report my findings and wait for a patch to fix all of this, if ever.

It does mean I can follow through with my plan to platinum Disgaea 5 again this weekend. I shall be streaming most, if not all of it, so check it out this Saturday!

In the meantime, enjoy a two-for-one package with the Typo of the Week.


I've added a section which outlines a route that I believe should get you the Disgaea 5 platinum trophy easily. I'm going to test this next weekend to have a more concrete idea of what needs tweaking, but I believe it's possible to achieve the platinum in about 25-30 hours if everything goes accordingly. A new Typo of the Week is also added.


I've acquired the platinum trophy in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. This is a rather short one, folks, taking a mere 53 hours of playtime, which included watching every single cutscene and screwing around a lot. Stay tuned, for incoming content on the game! In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel, which has videos

​on some of the trickier trophies in the game.


​I've added a Typo of the Week section to the site. This section is mainly for entertainment purposes.


The Super Meat Boy section of the site is pretty much done, with the exception of an article on the game's mechanics, and videos for the earlier Iron Man runs. I've started playing Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance for now, and hope to have something up for that section of the site this weekend.


Iron Man section of Super Meat Boy is mostly complete with level breakdowns for all worlds. I also opened up my Fat Prinny figure.


A working section on the Demon Boy and Zombie Boy trophies published in the Iron Man section.


Super Meat Boy section of the site has been updated, with some insight on the Iron Man trophies, along with some coverage on the hardest ones.



Super Meat Boy Platinum attained. Proof below, and yes, I will be covering this game on this site, so that you can get this screencap on your own system too. Stay tuned!


Site published.

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