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Disgaea 5 Any% (NO DLC) Route

***********Episode 10***********

There is another huge setup here.

  • Clear Magic Knight class quest
  • Arrange party by level. Usalia should be 2nd and Killia on top.
  • Keep Poison Vaccine on Killia. Swap the other evilities out for Mean Guy, Muscle Increase, EXP Gain, Workshop Intern, and Mana Gain.
  • Sell all items, Buy latest sword and Water Pistol as subweapon (1st Gun) for Killia and another Bravery Belt.
  • At Cheat Shop, set EXP to max, enemy difficulty to 1*
  • Set Killia subclass to Magic Knight, Usalia to Warrior subclass.
  • Attempt to pass Martial Trial 1 bill with Killia. This bill can a lot of tries to pass, and each failure costs at least 7 seconds.

  • Clear Martial Trial 1 14 times. Set 'Vacuum Slice X' to top of Killia's skill list first, Magichange with Usalia to Killia's subweapon before using Vacuum Slice X. Take note if a Raiju Howl or a non-Monster weapon is won from the Bonus Gauge.

  • Buy 3 Bravery Belts and latest ATK monster weapon for Usalia. If you didn't win a non-Monster weapon in the Bonus Gauge, buy another weapon for Killia's subweapon, but keep the sword as main. Water Pistol is ill-advised to have because Zombies slightly resist it.
  • Lower difficulty at Cheat Shop, -200% from EXP and bump Mana to 250%.
  • Heal up the party before continuing.

  • 10-1 (Manip)

    Magichange Usalia with Killia at the start, then use Vacuum Slice X on the first group of Zombies, then set Hellfire Shot back to top.

    Start by using Vacuum Slice X on these Zombies.

    10-1 part 2
    Next turn, use Hellfire Shot on 3 Zombies and move here.

    10-1 part 3
    Clean up another 3 Zombies with Hellfire Shot and move here.

    10-1 part 4
    The Chimeras should end up in a way that Vacuum Slice X can hit both of them.

    Get rid of at least 3 enemies in the second Zombie squad, then Squad Attack the second Zombie group. Clean up everything else with Hellfire Shot.

    10-2 (Manip)

    Send out 3 sacrifices and have Killia out. Next turn, deploy Usalia and set her Braveheart to the top of her skill list, then put Prinnical Meteor second. Have Usalia Prinnical Meteor the Mothmen to the left and Killia Squad Attack the Zombies. At this point, clean up the remaining enemies with Killia and Usalia.

    Position sacrifices like this, then bring out Killia and immediately end turn.

    10-2 part 2
    You will get this formation of enemies. Prinnical Meteor the Mothmen and Squad Attack the Zombies.

    10-2 part 3
    At this point, you just need to clean up whatever's left with Hellfire Shot/Prinnical Meteor


    Head up with Usalia and Braveheart herself, and have Killia head towards the narrow passage, then end turn. Thief will throw a Zombie towards Usalia. Defeat the Thief and the Zombies near her with Prinnical Meteor. Head towards rest of enemies and Hellfire Shot them. Use Squad Attack on whatever hits the most enemies.


    Hellfire Shot the nearest group of 3 Rabbits. Hellfire Shot another group of 3 to the right. Wait two turns. Hellfire Shot closest group of Rabbits (should hit 5 units). Get into Revenge Mode. Squad Attack the largest group of Rabbits. Clean up the remaining group.


    Power up Usalia's Braveheart to +2. Get Usalia Fighting Instinct and Shaking Excitement evilities and immediately take out any evilities she had previously and equip both Fighting Instinct/Shaking Excitement on her.

    Move Usalia to the top of the party.


    Deploy 4 units around the Base Panel. Bring out Usalia. Use Braveheart on herself, and use her newly unlocked Overload to win.

    ***********Episode 11***********

    NOTE: From here on out, with a few exceptions, the run is primarily about optimizing the first turn setup. The main goal for most maps will be setting up 3 sacrifices to all get killed on the first turn with as little actions/skill animations from the enemies as possible. There is a very particular way to set the sacrifices up for most of the stages. It's probably best to watch a video to view the first turn setups.

    As a general rule, only Killia/Usalia and the sacrifices should be out on the first turn (More units out means less Revenge Gauge gain). Deploy all other units after Revenge Mode is acquired.

    Unless otherwise stated, all maps from here on out will require 3 sacrifices. Most of these later stages will mention whether you need to use Braveheart and the number of units you need to surround Usalia with.

    As a side note, even though you can now attack every enemy, you do run the risk of having some enemies randomly survive once in a while, as accuracy is capped at 99%, unless you use Christo (makes accuracy of adjacent allies 100%) as one of your units surrounding Usalia, in which case, you will always hit them.

    11-1 to 11-2

    Usalia Nuke, Braveheart with 1 unit

    11-1 Sacrifice Setup
    From this point onwards, stages that require sacrifices will have a picture of the optimal first turn setup. This is for 11-1

    11-2 Sacrifice Setup
    And this is for 11-2.


    No sacrifices needed. Get a unit out, throw Killia forward. Move him so that he is one space away from a Maid and end turn. Pick up and throw nearest Maid towards exploding barrels. Head towards the other Maids and end your turn one space away from the rightmost Maid. Defeat the remaining Maid with Hellfire Shot.


    Braveheart Usalia first turn, then Usalia Nuke with 4 units. Throw Usalia forwards with 2 units and dispose of the maid boss.

    11-4 Sacrifice Setup


    Usalia Nuke, Braveheart with 3 units

    11-5 Sacrifice Setup

    ***********Episode 12***********

    Accept and clear Celestial Messenger quest, create 5 Celestial Hosts, all low level. Buy and equip Chimera DNA on Usalia. Buy Leafy Fan as well, but do NOT equip it. If Raiju Howl is acquired from MT1 grind, do not buy Leafy Fan.

    From here on out, use Celestial Hosts as the units to surround Usalia, as they boost units they are adjacent to. Feel free to add Christo to the lineup for added insurance against misses. The setups listed in the next stages are the minimum number of Celestial Hosts you need to surround Usalia with to one-shot everything in the map barring bosses. Feel free to add Christo as an extra unit in case you want to make sure all the lesser enemies die.

    12-1 to 12-3

    Usalia Nuke, 1 Celestial Host

    12-1 Sacrifice Setup
    12-1 Sacrifice Setup

    12-2 Sacrifice Setup
    12-2 Sacrifice Setup

    12-3 Sacrifice Setup
    12-3 Sacrifice Setup


    Deploy Killia and 3 sacrifices. Braveheart Killia, then Braveheart Usalia and Overload, then equip Leafy Fan/Raiju Howl on main weapon. beat up boss with normal attacks from Killia. Usalia should smack the boss for major damage with her support attack.

    12-4 Sacrifice Setup


    Regular attack on Twin Dragon in front, get behind Orcs in cross formation and Hellfire Shot them. Abuse infinite move and line yourself up to Exploding Tiger the rest of the enemies from the side. Takes about 20 seconds. 18 seconds if your movement is REALLY good.

    ***********Episode 13***********

    The Netherworld Effect for this world lowers everybody's Wind resistance. Leafy Fan makes Usalia's Overload Wind element, so...

    13-1 to 13-3

    Usalia Nuke, 1 Celestial Host. In 13-2, position Killia left of the red panels and throw 3 sacrifices towards the enemies to prevent seeing a Magichange skill animation from one of the Thief units.

    13-1 Sacrifice Setup
    13-1 Sacrifice Setup

    13-2 Sacrifice Setup
    13-2 Sacrifice Setup

    13-3 Sacrifice Setup
    13-3 Sacrifice Setup

    13-4 (no pre-stage cutscene)

    Usalia Nuke, 2 Celestial Host

    13-4 Sacrifice Setup


    Killia unlocks his Overload here. Blow up all regular enemies with Usalia, then have Killia go up to Bloodis and attack him. Usalia should be able to tag team Bloodis meaning he dies before he can attack.

    13-5 Sacrifice Setup

    ***********Episode 14***********

    By far the shortest and easiest episode in the run. This episode is usually over in under 3 minutes.


    Killia Squad Attacks

    14-1 Sacrifice Setup

    14-2 to 14-4

    Usalia Nuke, 1 adjacent unit, can use Killia as the adjacent unit for 14-3

    14-2 Sacrifice Setup
    14-2 Sacrifice Setup

    14-3 Sacrifice Setup
    14-3 Sacrifice Setup

    14-4 Sacrifice Setup
    14-4 Sacrifice Setup


    Usalia Nuke, 3 Celestial Hosts

    14-5 Sacrifice Setup

    ***********Episode 15***********

    Buy Lamia Coil for Usalia and make it her main weapon. Keep the Leafy Fan equipped.


    Usalia Nuke. 3 C. Hosts + Braveheart

    15-1 Sacrifice Setup


    Usalia Nuke, 4 C. Hosts. Use 2 C.Hosts to throw Usalia towards the Pirate boss and hit him with Berserk Stream. If you do not have the Lamia Coil or a better weapon mained on Usalia, you will miss out on the one-turn kill on the boss. Sometimes, the boss will go into Revenge Mode after the Overload which means he won't be killed in one turn either way unless you somehow got a lucky Red Monster Weapon drop that's better than a store-bought Lamia's Coil from the Bonus Gauge. If the boss survives Berserk Stream, you must summon the Netherworld before ending your turn to prevent random reinforcements from spawning.

    15-2 Sacrifice Setup


    Usalia Nuke. 2 C. Hosts

    15-3 Sacrifice Setup

    15-4 (no pre-stage cutscene)

    Usalia Nuke. 2 C. Hosts + Braveheart. If a unit survives and takes at least 3 turns to reach, just retry the stage, otherwise, summon Netherworld and defeat it.

    15-4 Sacrifice Setup


    Braveheart Killia, have Killia throw a tower of 3 sacrifices towards Bloodis and have Killia stay back. Have Killia Overload, then use Squad Attack on an enemy. Equip a Fist as the main weapon, then head towards Bloodies and Avidya Holy Water him twice.

    15-5 Sacrifice Setup

    ***********Episode 16***********


    Make a tower of Killia + 4 other units. Have Killia throw them forward, then have the next unit in the tower throw the tower of 3 above them towards the enemies. Use Usalia + 3 C. Hosts.

    16-1 Sacrifice Setup


    Deploy 3 sacrifices in a straight line, then blow up everything with Usalia + 3 C. Hosts. This formation will skip seeing the '13 Knights' skill from a Horseman, which takes almost 10 seconds to play out.

    16-2 Sacrifice Setup


    Take off Leafy Fan, Usalia Nuke. Use max setup (4 C. Hosts + Braveheart).

    16-3 Sacrifice Setup


    Make tower of 5, with Killia in the middle. Throw everyone towards Void. Toss the Horseman away from Void and end turn. Usalia Bravehearts herself, then surround her with 4 C. Hosts and Overload, then have Killia Overload, swap to a Fist. Head towards Void, position Killia at least 2 spaces away, then use Hellfire Shot, then get behind/side of Void and Macrocosm him.

    16-4 Sacrifice Setup
    When doing your tower throwing, make sure Killia ends up in the spot shown. This allows him to stay out of Void Dark's reach. This is important as getting hit may prevent him from acting next turn.


    Throw a tower of 3 sacrifices towards the enemies. Bring out Killia and Usalia. Next turn, surround Usalia with whatever C. Hosts you have left, then have Usalia Overload, Braveheart Killia, have Killia Squad Attack the Bits. Next turn, have Killia Overload and swap to a Sword/Spear, then Usalia Braveheart herself. Have Killia get behind the boss and Macrocosm her 3 times. If boss goes into Revenge Mode after all Bits are killed, you'll probably need a counterattack from Killia to finish her off in one turn. This is the Wormhole Skip.

    16-5 Sacrifice Setup
    On the 2nd turn, Killia needs to go to this spot before using Squad Attack. This will allow him to be far enough so he can get behind the boss after using Overload next turn.

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