​                      Disgaea 5: Guide to a Quick Platinum
Updated as of 7/24/2017

After playing Disgaea 5 and obtaining the platinum trophy in a mere 53 hours, I'm now asking myself, "Just how quick can this be done?" Keep in mind for this initial run, I watched every cutscene and experimented with setups and evilities without looking at what others have done. Now that I have a firm grasp of what to do to obtain all the trophies, I will attempt to run through the game once more, and see how long it will take me to get the platinum. I have a feeling that this can be done in about 25-30 hours. This section will outline the route I will take to quickly obtain the platinum trophy.

After doing some playtesting, I've found that you can obtain the platinum trophy with a unit that has only 10 million base stats (all classes mastered) and the proper support.

Update: I've managed to obtain the platinum in under 12 hours using the route below.

Use the following settings for optimal game speed.

If you want to see what a run looks like for reference: Here is the run I did using the updated strats.

Phase 1: Beat the story.

I finally decided to speedrun the story mode and have a proper route for it (It is MUCH faster than what I had initially thought). Notes are found here. For the Platinum run, you will be doing some extra things during the story to help with the grind for later.

Long-term Goal: Beat the Story Mode.

​Time taken: 2 - 2.5 hours

A few notes on the extra things not included in the speedrun route:

- No Item World (other than the Gate Key forced leveling in Episode 3) or additional grinding is required. 

- After Killia has mastered the Warlord class (which should happen during the level grind), subclass him into units that are required to unlock new classes. You want to unlock the Sage class by the end of the story mode and will need the following subclass masteries.

Maid Class 2

Mage Class 3

Fighter Class 3 (Warlord is Class 4 so you should have this already)

Gunner Class 2

Magic Knight Class 4

Professor Class 2

- Unlock Monster classes by fulfilling their quests (They're green quests). There should be some that pop up at the beginning of a new episode, typically after you encounter a new monster type in the previous episode.
- When the Netherworld Edit Shop opens up, move all important NPCs (Dark Assembly, Interrogation, Squad, Curry, Netherworld Research, Skills, Recruiter) closer to the Dimension Guide. Don't waste your time making a custom map as it has noticeable load times compared to the default map.
IMPORTANTOnce the Netherworld Research NPC becomes available, start sending your high leveled characters on research expeditions. Make sure to check back every now and then. You'll be able to send more ships out on expeditions as you progress the story, up to a maximum of 10. I recommend checking the NPC at least after every episode. Delaying this will make the next phase take a lot longer.
- Get Raised Flag by completing the quest (Requires 15 Netherworlds in Netherworld Index).
- Get Microphone by completing the quest (Requires 50 Prisoners, you'll get more than enough just by going through the story).
- Equip the Microphone in your sub-weapon slot once you obtain it. Use the best staff you can find as your main weapon.

Phase 2: Post game and Carnage Dimension Unlock

This phase is more of a transitional phase, but things start to get more interesting here. The main goal is to unlock the Carnage Dimension ASAP. 

Long-term goal: Unlock Carnage Dimension

Time taken: 2-3 hours

If you followed the speedrun route, you should have a lvl 250+ Killia after the story. At this point, if you have unlocked the Sage, you're good to go. If not, unlock the Sage class and create a lvl 200+ Sage. She will be your main for the rest of this run.

You'll unlock a lot of features. Do the following immediately to prepare for what's ahead:
- Teach your Sage Izuna's Overload
- Equip Raised Flag
- At the Cheat Shop, direct almost all your CP towards EXP. Leave a little bit of Mana, Weapon EXP, and Skill EXP (about 80%). You can drop HL to 1% so you at least get something.
- Add a unit to the Alchemy Squad, 
- Head to the Interrogation NPC and release all low level (under lvl 50) prisoners. Use the rest to level up squads.
- Focus on leveling up Alchemy Squad.
- Have Alchemy NPC create Gency Exits, and if you can, Filler G, Diver - 10, Diver -5, Filler Up, Filler 0.5, in order of priority.

- If you haven't already, add someone to the Innocent Squad to unlock the Innocent Farm option at the NPC.

To move to the next phase of the game, you'll need to do the following:
- Kill an Item God (Do this in a legendary weapon at max enemy strength, use this for mastering some classes, innocent gathering, lvl 500 item, epic item, and legendary weapon. I used an Eclipse Wand. It's a reward for beating the Challenge Stage in Blood Parch.)
- Unlock and beat final Martial Training
- Recruit the 3 unique post game characters
- Clear Chara World on Overlord difficulty
- Unlock a rank 35 Netherworld (easy if you've been researching a lot, which you should be)

Your Support Crew

You should create the following units:
4x Celestial Host (Set them beside your main damage dealer for an easy power boost)
Maid (Afternoon Tea, lets a unit move again,)
Professor (buffed up Magic Boost/Braveheart)
2nd Sage (Multi-Attacker, lets whoever this is cast on attack twice)
Usalia (Magichange weapon support, Evility gets you a power boost with adjacent allies, which is further amplified by the Celestial Host's Evility)
6+ Chimera (Lowers enemy stats)
I'll be referring to these units as your support crew. Make use of them a lot. You'll most likely be using them for pretty much your entire run. Good usage of them can allow you to easily kill units that are much stronger and have much higher HP than your own units.

You may also want to switch to the following sub-classes when you are able to for their evilities:
​Dark Knight
​Lady Samurai

The Route: 
NOTE: Challenge Stages are unlocked by accepting a green quest. Also, don't forget to keep doing those Netherworld Research expeditions.

- Do the Blood Parch Challenge Stage. It's really easy (Keep killing the Lucky Boards on the yellow panel) and you'll get a legendary Eclipse Wand, which is probably more powerful than any staff you have so far.

- Do a few Chara World runs to unlock more Evility slots and possibly get the stat growth evilities. If you get any, particularly HP, INT, DEF, and RES, equip them.

- Go to the Item World and level up Eclipse Wand to about 20-30. You may want to put some Statisticians, Firefighters, Cryophiles, Professionals and Aeronauts in it in case you run into Innocents in the Item World. This isn't strictly necessary, but it does help a bit later.

- Clear the Sandcano Challenge Stage with your Sage. All enemies have 1 HP and are lvl 120, so Land Decimator + Izuna's Overload will wipe them out easily. Repeat as needed to level up easily. Feel free to increase the enemy levels as well if you think you can handle it. My usual strategy is to Defend until you get Revenge Mode, then activate the Overload and Land Decimator to wipe out almost everything, or use a healing item after the Overload. Afterwards, just mop everything up with Land Decimator.

- If Mana is a problem, and it probably will be, just adjust the Cheat Shop settings to give more Mana and farm Sandcano Challenge Stage until you have enough.

- I recommend getting about 20K INT to make the next fights easier. Item Worlding the Eclipse Wand should definitely help you reach that benchmark.

Side Note: You will end up passing almost all bills by force. To easily beat the senate, deploy the Sage and sacrifice 3 units to trigger Revenge Mode, then use your support crew to buff the Sage, then unleash a Comet Disaster to wipe out most of them.

- Unlock the Asagi fight at the Dark Assembly, beat the stage (Use Usalia Magichange + 4x Angels + Professor Magic Boost to ensure Comet Disaster wipes out almost all of the map) to recruit Asagi and increase CP. Head to the Cheat Shop and dump all the new CP to EXP.

- Unlock Majorita fight. Defeat both stages (Really easy, use your support crew to have your Sage pick off what little enemies there are in both fights, make sure you heal when needed). Recruit Majorita, get more CP. Dump it all to EXP.

- Level up a bit in the Sandcano Challenge Stage. I leveled to about 500. Head back to the Item World and level up the Eclipse Wand too. Level 40 is good.

- Unlock the Void stages. When you have about 25K-30K INT, you can clear them easily, as there aren't that many enemies. Unlock more CP and obtain Void. Dump it all to EXP again. (3 characters recruited)

- Clear all the Martial Trial stages. (Final Martial Trial quest complete)

- Level up a bit in the Sandcano Challenge Stage. Once you get to the point where you can clear the 20 star version easily, you should be ready for the final steps. I easily leveled to about 1000 here. I recommend around lvl 1500 just to be safe.

- If you haven't done so already, head to the Chara World and clear it on Demon Lord difficulty to unlock the Overlord difficulty, then clear it again on Overlord difficulty. You shouldn't have any issues doing so at such a high level (Chara World quest complete)You may also want to unlock all Evility slots at can be acquired from the Chara World at this point.

- If you have any Professionals or Firefighter Innocents in your item stock, transfer them to the Eclipse Wand.

- Head to the Eclipse Wand Item World (Preferably at max stars), reach floor 100, and kill the Item God. Feel free to use Diver items to make the journey quicker, but note that the item must be lvl 80 before the Item God will appear. You may want to Gency Out and lower the stars to 0 so the Item God doesn't take too long to kill (Item God killed quest complete). Make sure to check the Netherworld Research after every 10 floors. If you haven't already, you should be able to unlock some higher rank Netherworlds (Rank 35 Netherworld quest complete). In addition, if you run into some Invaders at the start of a stage, kill them all for a trophy.

- If you haven't done so already, max the range on your most used spells, and boost your Professor's Magic Boost skill to at least +4.

Challenge Stages walkthrough (not required to unlock Carnage, but they do give legendary items)
Blood Parch - Kill Lucky Boards when they're on yellow panels until stage is cleared. Do this one immediately to get a nice staff.
Spirit Interment - Equip Poison Vaccine evility, tank all the hits and reach the Geo Symbols, where you can get rid of the Mighty Enemy symbol and finally kill everything off. This gives a legendary spear if you need one to unlock Horsemen.
Icic-Hell - I recommend doing this one after you've acquired 3 Vernier Thruster/Accelerator. Simply equip 3 of those on a human unit, have them move close to the Prinny. Wait 2 turns, then you can lift and throw the Prinny.
Dragon Fang - Solo battle. Not much to say here as it's really easy.
Sandcano - Defend 1st turn, hopefully you'll go into Revenge Mode. Use Comet Disaster Overload once you go Revenge, then clean up with Land Decimator.
Dark Testament - Kill the Succubus as she's the strongest enemy. Rest can be mopped up with Comet Disaster/Land Decimator.
Scorching Flame - Get into Revenge Mode and Comet Disaster for an easy victory.
Toto Bunny Castle - You'll need to make stairs with the blocks and get the Giant Mushrooms to climb them up to the area where there's no Mighty Enemy panels.
Flowerful - Deploy some high level units and steal the enemy's Vernier Thrusters. Equip them on whoever you're sending out, then simply outrun him to the goal.
Gorgeous - Equip Heavy Stance Evility (From Dark Knight), then head down and kill everything.

After you've done all the above quests marked in red, there should be 4 green quests unlocked that will have you fighting lvl 700-1500 enemies. Beat all these fights to finally unlock the Carnage Dimension gateway. It shouldn't be too hard if you have 50K INT. All enemies are passive and will not attack until you get close to them, so you can pick them all off one by one. 

For the stage with the Armor Knights (Sandcano), poison them to make life easier. If you don't have it, you can learn it through the Skill Squad with a Ninja or Mothman as the leader. Your main unit must be in the squad to learn the skill. Just use it about 16 times to learn it.

Carnage Dimension entry
I believe you just need around 50000 unboosted INT to clear every fight. I went in with 110,000 INT, and everything went very smoothly.

Battle 1
Only 5 units. Pretty easy with the Support Crew. The enemies will start approaching you after a few turns, so just spend your first few turns applying your buffs, then once the enemies start moving, destroy them with your spells.

Battle 2
Same strategy as previous stage will work. 

If you don't have a Prinny unit of your own, make one. You'll need it.

Battle 3
Enemy stats are a lot higher, so we'll cheese this fight. Send a weak unit out and wait a few turns. The enemies will slowly come to you. Once most of the enemies can be reached, and the Carnage Prinny is in the middle of the pack, throw all other units so that they all end up at least 2 spaces away from the Carnage Prinny. Throw your own Prinny at the Carnage Prinny to win the fight.

Carnage Dimension unlocked!

Phase 3. Grab Carnage items, enter their Item World, and start mastering all the classes, reincarnate, and get 10 million stats

Long-term goal: Master all classes, finish all Item World related stuff, get 10 million base stats
Time taken: ~3-4 hours

Lots of stuff unlocked. Now the true grind begins. These are the things we want to accomplish next:
- Master all classes on one generic unit.
- Level up one item to 500 and turn it into an Epic item.
- Get both Mystery Room related trophies

Head to the Alchemy NPC. You can now make Carnage Eclairs. Make some.

Enter the Item World of the Eclipse Wand and level it up a bit. After about 10 floors, you should get a Carnage Eclair from the NPC.

Max the enemy strength in the Cheat Shop, enter the Carnage Eclair, and kill a Geo Symbol with Geo Blast (Sage should know it). After mastering a few classes (about 6-7), you'll want to reincarnate a few times to benefit from the Class Masteries. I suggest reincarnating as a Witch and Cleric to gain some Tera Spells, then back to a Sage again.To level back up, clear Martial Trial 5 a few times, which should be doable with a powered up Eclipse Wand.

You may wish to do a few Chara World runs on Super Overlord difficulty to get some of the stat growth Evilities and max out your Evility slots and MOV. There's a random boss that appears at the start of the stage called Miss Evil, and killing her will add a Common Evility slot each time, up to 3 max. Once you encounter her once, you can pass a bill "Challenge an Evil Person!" to guarantee her appearance.

Once your stats start reaching 2-3 million, master the Twin Dragon class (Magic Knight Class is also recommended) and make sure your main unit is now a Sage. Purchase all available Evilities for your character from the Skills Shop.

Go to the Cheat Shop and activate Back to Square One option. Return to the stage where you 'fought' the Carnage Prinny, and actually kill him with your Sage this time. You'll get a unique Evility slot.
Now we can have some fun.

Give your Sage the Twin Heads (and Elemental Force if you mastered the Magic Knight class) Evility. Find an elemental weapon (buy from the shop, it always has a green Innocent. Examples include Aqua Sword, Mjolnir, Water Gun) and equip it on her. Microphone is recommended for 2nd weapon. Put her in the Foot Soldier squad. Set the enemy strength to 20 stars. Since it's leveled up already, go back to the Eclipse Wand that you killed the Item God in, and start mastering the classes and continue leveling your wand there. You just need to keep spamming Land Decimator from the Base Panel and you'll kill everything unless they're on Invincible or Reverse Damage Panels. Simply skip those floors if you see any of the aforementioned Geo Effects. The item should be high enough of a level that you'll be seeing high leveled enemies (in the 4000-6000s), meaning you will still be able to master your classes easily. Don't forget to work towards getting a 100 Professional and 100 Firefighter. They will be needed for later.

You'll usually get two Eclipse Wand levels for clearing a floor just by spamming Land Decimator. Make sure to kill all Item Bosses (Generals, Kings, Gods). Keep doing this until the item is Epic and level 500. You also need to exit the item and change your subclass every time a class is mastered. Also, make sure to check your Netherworld Research progress during this time to get 100 Netherworlds for the trophy. You cannot have 100 at once, so you need to delete lower level Netherworlds to make room.

There are also two trophies that involve Mystery Rooms. If you haven't gotten any of the Mystery Rooms yet, change the route to Mystery Room route and just keep clearing floors. You may want to switch to a Mystery Room route once the item is about lvl 300. Eventually you'll get the Mystery Rooms you need and the trophies to go with it.

You also should have run into a random boss called Proto Darkdeath in your Item World journey. If you haven't killed him once yet, you can pass a bill to "Challenge a Crazy Opponent"  and head to the Item World of a weak item and traverse it until you encounter him. He'll be really weak and easily disposed of in one hit.

You should master your final class around the same time you get your Eclipse Wand to lvl 500. Once you've done that, you'll need to reincarnate again to get your 10 million stats. To do this:

- Max out the Elite Four squad. This takes a while to max out, so you should do this by farming the Carnage Asagi stage with the Microphone equipped. If you have trouble killing them with Land Decimator, reincarnate first and get back to lvl 9999 by killing some Carnage Item World enemies. Your stats should be around 5-6 million, which is enough to clear the stage with Land Decimator. Once the squad is maxed out, add your Sage to it, and reincarnate.

- Equip Raised Flag, on both weapon slots if you have two of them. There's a quest that gives a Carnage version of the Raised Flag, so you may get lucky.

- Equip any Evilities that raise stat growth. They're usually named 'XXX Guy'. Stats to focus on are HP, INT, DEF, HIT, and RES.

- Level up to 9999 as usual, and you should hit 10 million on the important stats (INT, DEF, RES, HIT) or close to it. 10 million INT is a must. Everything else is a bonus. Your HP should be around 85-150 million depending on how many HP growth Evilities you had equipped. This is more than enough.

Once you've hit your 10 million base stats, max out the Foot Soldier squad, place your Sage in it, set her as leader, and fill the squad up with other units. Say goodbye to the Item World. You probably won't be visiting again unless you need to reincarnate.

Phase 4. Set up to beat the Carnage stages and Carnage Dark, get 10 billion damage, clean up everything else

Long-term goal: Beat Carnage Dark, and clean up all remaining trophies to get the platinum
Time taken: 2 - 3 hours

You can take a detour first and take care of the 50 One-Time Bonuses trophy. If you do, take this time to prepare a kickass curry before you clear any stages. Use 3 Carnage Elixirs as the main ingredient (Or Carnage Eclairs if you don't have Carnage Elixirs) and 100 Fist weapons and the rest of your non-curry healing items for the other ingredients. 

To get the 50 One-Time bonuses, you simply need to enter old story maps and spam Land Decimator until everything is dead to clear the stage in a few seconds. I recommend checking the number of enemies you've killed in the map, and enter stages that have 9+ kills. From what I've seen, having 11 enemies in the map will guarantee a maxed Bonus Gauge after killing everything with Land Decimator, so for maps with less than 11 enemies, use a few Filler items to increase the Bonus Gauge before spamming Land Decimator. This will take only about 20-30 minutes to do, depending on what 

stages you've chosen.

At this point, you should have everything you need to defeat the Carnage Stages and reach Carnage Dark. By using the following setup, you should be able to solo everything with the Sage. Eat your curry and prepare to finish off this platinum! 

​Infinite Magichange Turns bill passed
Critical Curry (add 100 Fists)
Brave's Overload (Immortal Vajra) or Izuna's Overload (Comet Disaster)
Bonus Gauge +3 bill passed
Revenge Mode bill passed
Foot Soldier squad (Squad level maxed, and squad filled with 20 units)

Unique Evilities
Magic Bundle
Assault Attack

Common Evilities
Fighting Spirit
Star Blessing

Impact Charge

Support Crew
Chimera (Lower enemy stats)
Angel (Angel Song buff + Revive)
Maid (Afternoon Tea)
Sage (Multi-Attacker)
Professor (Stat buffs)

Brave (Magichange for Rage Charge)
Horseman (Magichange for Immortal Body)
Izuna/Nine-Tails (Magichange for Good Fortune)
Slime (Magichange for Gel Body)

Equipment does not really matter, but I had a staff and 3 sets of Carnage shoes on my main, with Microphone as subweapon.

Strategy for the Carnage stages is simple. For the stages up to Toto Bunny Castle, equip the Twin Heads unique Evility, and simply spam Land Decimator until everything's dead. For Toto Bunny Castle and beyond, you'll need to do resort to a more strategic approach.

For the later stages, Magichange with the 4 units mentioned, and then start tanking hits. Use Filler items to max the Bonus Gauge and gain +45% stats from the Good Fortune Evility. If using Brave's Overload, activate it as soon as it's available. Keep tanking hits and soon, the Evilities (Rage Charge + Fighting Spirit + Impact Charge) will be fully charged, allowing you to destroy everything. From this point, you can just keep spamming spells to 1-2 shot everything. If using Izuna's Overload, use it only after setting up Angels, Magic Boost, and maxed Rage Charge/Fighting Spirit. There are a couple of stages to beware of, however.

Carnage Toto Bunny Castle
Send a couple of units to throw the Prinnies that are high above. If left alone, they can and will be thrown, doing more damage than anything else the regular enemies can throw at you.

Carnage Gorgeous
The initial circle of enemies looks intimidating, but there's one huge flaw in it. None of the enemies in the circle will swarm and attack you unless you attack one of them. At most, you'll be attacked by 4 members in that circle. Simply stay put and defend, while healing occasionally, until Rage Charge, Impact Charge, and Fighting Spirit are maxed out.

Once you think it's safe to attack, prioritize taking out the Rabbit enemy that's in the initial circle of enemies. as he can Deathblow you if he attacks you. You can also equip an evility that prevents Deathblow. If you can, use Squad Attack on the Sea Angel/Chimera squad to drastically lower the enemies' stats and boost your own.

Carnage Outer Dark Demise
Exercise a lot of caution when going for the two Sage enemies at the very back of the stage. They hit way harder than all the other enemies and can possibly one-shot you. They also have a Magic evade of 50%. I advise having Christo stand beside you before attacking to guarantee you hit them. 

See video for an example clear of all Carnage Stages with a 10 million stat unit

Carnage Dark fight
Carnage Dark is a bit different. He's got a lot of HP (3 billion), has huge MOV and power. Fortunately, you need to kill only him to clear the map. Use the following setup for him. For best results, you may want to reincarnate into a Magic Knight, although it's not necessary.

Unique Evilities
Acceleration Shot
Assault Attack

Common Evilities
King's Dignity
Fire/Meteor Blessing
Duelist/Fly Swatter

Supporting Units
Archer x10, equipped with bows
Professor, with Magic Boost +5 at the minimum
Maid with Afternoon Tea
Celestial Host x3
Izuna or Nine-Tails
Christo with Angel Song unique evility

Have 100 Professional
Pass 20 dispatch bill and infinite Magichange limit bills.
Have Crit Curry active.
Must have +9 Tera spell with maxed range. (I used Tera Fire) Having 99 resistance for that element is also recommended

The Fight
Turn 1
Max Bonus Gauge with items, Magichange Izuna, Usalia, Minotaur, Imp, onto your main attacker. Cast Magic Boost and Medical Care on her. It MUST be a Professor or someone who has her unique Evility (Medical Insertion) who does the Magic Boosting due to it doubling the effects of the stat boost. I wasted an hour because I used Magic Boost with a Sage and didn't have enough stats to damage him. The max you can get on a stat boost without Medical Insertion is +75%, as opposed to +100%.

Turn 2
Deploy Support Sage, cast Multi-Attacker on main attacker. Return all other units to Base Panel except for Support Sage. You can also have the Support Sage lift your main attacker. If you do so, make sure she is at the back of the area.

Carnage Dark will warp over and kill the Support Sage once you end your turn.

Turn 3
Have your main unit move far away from Carnage Dark as possible, but close enough that she can still hit him with a max range Tera spell, and still be surrounded by 4 units. If you're worried about missing him, have Christo stand beside your main unit in place of an Angel to get 100% accuracy.

Deploy 10 Archers, position them so they can all attack Carnage Dark. Do not have any of the Archers adjacent to Carnage Dark.

Have 5 Archers set to attack Carnage Dark, with a Tera Spell from your main attacker at the end of the combo. 
If Carnage Dark still lives, send out the Maid and use Afternoon Tea on your main attacker, then have the remaining Archers attack Carnage Dark, with another Tera spell at end of the combo again. With this setup, I did 2.2 billion damage with a Tera spell, enough to kill him in one action.

If he still lives (although really, he should die after your Sage gets her second turn and attacks him), recall Angels and anyone else who hasn't acted to the Base Panel, Bring out Void, have Christo next to him, and have Void activate his Overload and attack Carnage Dark.

Turn 4 (If for whatever reason he lives)
Carnage Dark should be almost dead at this point, but your buffs might have worn off. Buff up your main attacker with Magic Boost and Multi-Attacker again and use whatever remaining units you have left to continue the assault again. He should die this time.​

See video for demonstration.

10 Billion Damage
This is really easy to get in this game. Look up the challenge map with PSN ID Z-Saver. You'll need the following setup:

- 100% Critical Curry active
- Magic User with at least 5 million INT and in maxed Foot Soldier Squad

- 100 Professional, 100 Firefighter
- Tera Fire with maxed range and at least +8 and skill lvl 40

Unique Evilities

Assault Attack

Bushido/Elemental Force
Acceleration Shot

Common Evilities
​Purgatory/Attack Weakness
Imperial Wrath
Fire Blessing
Impact Charge

3x Angel
5x Archer (low level, equipped with weakest bow)
Professor with Magic Boost that's at least +5

- Have your spellcaster go up to the archers and end the turn.

- Deploy some units and have them use some Filler items to max the Bonus Gauge.

- End your turn 4 times to have the enemy archers attack your caster. Make sure it goes into Revenge Mode after this.

The following actions must be all done in the same turn

- Magichange with Usalia, Brave, Imp, Izuna onto your spellcaster unit.

- Cast Magic Boost on your spellcaster using the Professor.
- Deploy 4 Archers, have them set to attack the Slime (Do not execute yet).

- Have your spellcaster move as far as they can, and still be able to hit the Slime with a Tera Fire.
- Surround your spellcaster with 3 Angels + Christo
- Have your spellcaster cast Tera Fire on the Slime.
- Press Execute, and you should hit over 10 billion easily. I hit 43 billion with just 17 million INT after boosts.

See video for demonstration. A Magic Knight is used for the video, but any unit can work.

Note that if you destroy one of the Geo Symbols near the Archers in the video, you will get the Geo Master trophy.

This takes care of all the "hard" trophies in the game. If you have any trophies left to clean up, you can easily do so in under an hour. Some of the ones you might be missing are:

Gimme a Trophy! ("I Want A Trophy" bill) - Land Decimator + Twin Heads Evility = gg

Greater Netherworld (100 Population) - Head to regular Asagi Stage with Microphone equipped on Sage. Spam Land Decimator to clear the stage and get a lot of prisoners. Keep making the prisoners citizens until trophy pops.

A Minor Setback (Game Over) - Pass bill to enter Celestial Hell (costs 100 Mana, should be at very bottom of the list). Enter the stage, and just deploy your weak units until you Game Over. Alternatively, enable Back to Square One at the Cheat Shop, and head to stage 4-5. Spam Land Decimator until Game Over.

Making it Rain - Try to pass a bill that has a very low chance of succeeding, then just pay 100 million HL for an easy trophy. You probably have this already from trying to pass the Infinite Magichange bill.

This Calls for Teamwork - Send out Killia and Usalia. Place them next to each other. Use any one of the skills that have a C icon.

​And that's that. Platinum achieved. This has come a long way since a couple of years ago. In due time, this will be a 10-hour run. Just goes to show how much time you can save in this series if you have a good idea on what to do.